I’m leaving most social media.

I’ve decided to delete facebook, instagram, and twitter and start fresh after 30-90 days when the existing data they have on me is mostly deleted. I’ll also be removing them from my phone. I’ll be back on, eventually. With a bare bones placeholder account to which I upload absolutely stuff all content/photos etc. Mostly to use Messenger occasionally.

Odd choice for a guy who used to have ~5k friends on his profile, manage pages with 20-30,000 fans, and get hundreds of likes and comments on various status’s. But I’ve done this before, just after leaving Soundpond.net, when I cut it down to ~200 people. I just don’t see the value / benefit of these platforms anymore, beyond the occasional niche interest discussion. I’m not in the business of self promotion…I’m not sure I ever wanted to be in the first place, but I sure don’t want to be again.

In the meantime my personal website at adamch.com will become my main outlet for updates on my adventures. A platform I control. Although still being built.

Why am I removing my presence?

  • Primarily, the big one, the main reason : The total inability to quickly and easily wipe my whole history of comments, posts, photos, tagged photos, and the like in any way except deletion. We’ve seen time and time again innocuous comments on twitter have come back to haunt people 10 years later, and there’s no point taking that risk for the “benefits” of the platform. Facebook actively combats tools and utilities made to do this in an automated manner. Nope. Bye.
  • I first became majorly disillusioned with FB way back in around 2012. I’d ended a super long term relationship, and in less than 20 minutes was getting dating ads all over my feed. It was a bit of a gut punch at the time, and I’ve never really forgiven the platform for it.
  • Privacy breach after privacy breach. Most recently logging in today to find a notice that Facebook was internally storing my password in unencrypted plain text.
  • Discussion groups have grown too large, try to pander to the lowest denominator too often, and serve as nothing but a platform for organised groups of idiots to bully and harass others.
  • Facebook just doesn’t have the reach anymore. People don’t invest the time they used as various social media platforms have become more “disposable” experiences. Fair enough.
  • Disturbing revelations about the level of tracking fb does, both via your phone and your desktop. For no purpose that benefits me.
  • Complete lack of transparency on the facial recognition database facebook builds from your pictures and whom they share that with.
  • I prefer platforms with some anonymity (ie, reddit) where you can have a thoughtful, even heated discussion without it being on your permanent record, to your name, from a google search.
  • It’s a time sink. Social media has never reaped as many benefits as doing something in the real world for me does, and I’d prefer to spend my time doing stuff .

So unfortunately, as facebook refuses to actually delete your content for 30-90 days post hitting the “bye” button, it may be a while till I’m back. I won’t be removing this profile for a few days, so feel free to reach out to have a chat or further discussion on this topic.

Most importantly, reach out if you’d like me to re-add you when I’m back 🙂

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