Area Manager : The Melbourne Cup Carnival

Event: Melbourne Cup Carnival 2019
Client: Atlantic Group | Role : Major Event Area Manager
Venue : Home Straight Infield Enclosure

The Melbourne Cup Carnival 2019 is one of Melbourne’s most recognised racing events, nationally and globally.

With a peak attendance of over 400,000 attendee’s annually across 4 days, it’s almost like hosting the AFL grand final four times in one week.

An incredible logistical challenge for all involved. Atlantic Group rang and asked if I’d like to run a premium VIP enclosure on the infield of the track. The largest complex they had at the races, amongst ~13 or so, comprised of an outdoor entertainment area with several bars, and two massive internal enclosures (one pictured below).

As an isolated infield enclosure, it would not have quick or immediate backup in terms of staffing, product, and the like…requiring careful cross-checking and staying well on the ball.

Thankfully there’s a full day between each carnival date to reset and restock. As a ticketed arena at up to several thousands dollars a head, top shelf service was a requisite. Now put that into consideration Melbourne’s classically varying weather and yes indeed folks, this was a live one. But we got it done!

The Team Included

  • 1x Area Manager / Operations (Myself)
  • 1x Event Manager (Planning)
  • 2x Assistant Managers
  • 4x Team Leaders
  • 6x Bar Supervisors
  • ~100+ F&B staff
  • ~30 kitchen staff across two major kitchens.
  • ~10 stock control crew
  • A dozen security / bookie contractors

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