Operations : Pause Festival

Event: Pause Festival 2019
Client: Pause Festival | Role : Registration & Sales Co-Ordinator
Venue : Federation Square – ACMI

Pause Fest, now 10 years old, is one of Australias largest creative conferences. Held over 3 days and 6 buzzing arenas in Melbourne’s Federation Square, and hosted in the ACMI building, it welcomes over 400 startups, 1200 businesses and 35+ media outlets annually. You can see the incredible list of partners at the bottom of their homepage.

I came on board a few weeks out from the event as a core member of the team. I collated, sanitised and analysed several years of sales and customer data and ran analytics on the results to drive targeted last-minute outreach to Pause Fest’s best repeat customers, acted as a point-man for last minute registrations, and managed all member inquiries and escalations from our front counter team on game-days. With dozens upon dozens of international guest speakers and entourages, along with delegates from international, national, state and local government bodies and corporations, this was a logistically complex role requiring sensitivity to a wide range of partners and cultures.

An absolute pleasure to work with the team. After many long, long “game days” the afterparty was very much anticipated. A particular shoutout to George Hedon (founder) for his generosity and an unexpected bonus!

There’s a great recap video here that gives you a sense of the event’s true scale!