Stage Manager : Startup Grind APAC 2018

Event: Startup Grind APAC 2018
Client: SG Melb | Role : Stage Manager
Venue : Melbourne Convention Centre

Startup Grind is the world’s largest independent startup community with 1.5m entrepreneurs in 400 cities in 120 countries. Globally powered by Google for Entrepreneurs it played host to the APAC region’s first SG entrepreneurs conference at the MCEC in Melbourne, over two massive days Dec 6-7th 2018. Site link.

The event (presented by MYOB) comprised of 70+ speakers with multimedia presentations, panel interviews, and the like from world leading innovators, founders, and CEO’s.

The founder of the event Chris Joannou dropped me a line to leverage my Audio Visual and logistical experience as a Stage Manager. I was the bridge between the venue’s team of 3 technical directors and SGAPAC, and was responsible for briefing, mic’ing up, and cross-checking 70 guests presentations while providing technical direction to the in house team, stage cue’s, and the like.

Quite a furiously paced challenged, and a few long days, but an excellent adventure in a world class venue. An absolute pleasure. Thanks Startup Grind!

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